Bottleneck issue in bf3

I am getting around 50-80 fps with everything on high aa off and shaders on hbao...This seems low to me...could my cpu be bottlenecking my system?

i5 760@4.2
7970 ocd to 1200
8gb ddr3
250 gb ssd
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  1. i dont think your cpu is bottlenecking you. what is your resolution? what is your PSU?
  2. i think getting fps from 50 to 80 in a game like battlefield which is fps eater is good and ur Cpu is not bottlenecking u at all , another thing check ur cpu usage and make a disc clean , gl
  3. Problem found...I'm a dumbass. Never thought to check the had reset to its stock clock (2.8) Loaded the profile...back to 4.2 and getting 80-130 on ultra with aa at 2x
  4. ah good :) what motherboard do u have btw ?
  5. My setup:

    i5 760@4.2ghz
    asus rog maximus III mobo
    8gb corsair ddr3 1600
    radeon 7970 @ 1205mhz
    250gb ssd
  6. amuffin said:

    Eh I'm getting 80-120 not really in need of fps...HBAO looks amazing
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