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Hello Everybody,

I am looking for a $50 gaming headset. Most people recommend a pair of headphones and a clip on mic. I would prefer built-in, unless the price isn't right. Looks DO matter. I like the looks of the Platronics GameCom 367(similar to Astro A40's), but the only place I can find a good deal for them is buy.com which only sells them a "refurbished". I am worried that I'm going to get a piece of crap if there "refurbished". Also, a lot of people recommend the Creative Fatal1ty, but I'm still not 100% sold on the look of them. Any suggestions?

GameCom 367: http://www.buy.com/prod/plantronics-gamecom-367-closed-ear-gaming-headset/209653624.html
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  1. The Plantronics is ok mine is still working after 10-ish months (the amount i rage at headsets thats good for me)

    Its comfortable for long periods
    Mic is pretty good quality
    Despite being plastic its reasonably solid

    Sound quality can be a bit off with the bassier notes
    Looks a bit OTT (opinion there though)
    Despite the mic being bendy it can be annoying to get it just right (again opinion)

    Refurbished would worry me a little unless its clearly explained what/why etc

    There is a newer model that replaces the 367
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