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Hey guys so I want to ask for a gaming company to sponsor me. When i get my build done i will play WoW. I have never been sponsored before. I would also like to receive some of their products for giveaways. Any tips I can get would be great. Also any company reccomendations?
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  1. Hi :)

    It is NOT going to happen...

    IF you become the best in the WORLD at WOW ...maybe...

    Thats the only way...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. If you're serious about this, enter tournaments and win, gain recognition, work your way to the top of the pack, and then maybe, MAYBE, you'll be approached by gaming companies. Best place to do this....move to somewhere in Asia, like Japan or Korea (top tier gamers get treated like rockstars over there)
    Good luck and go chase your dream.
  3. Yeah, you only get sponsored if you are good. So the question is how good are you compared to others who enter into tournaments.
  4. Put your self for guesstimates on a scale of 1 to Swifty
    hes sponserd by razer because he is good at WOW so if your as good as him ^_^ might try to de-throne him and steal his sponsership
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