Lowering Vcore on Asus A7V333 / reduce CPU temp

Hi Everyone,

In an attempt to lower the temperature of my processor a bit, I would like to lower the Vcore settings on my MB.

Athlon XP 1900+
Asus A7V333
256 MB PC2700 Ram
Enermax EG365P-VE Power Supply

When I first built the system, I used the stock cooler provided with the retail package, but temperatures were regularly hitting 60 Celsius with the case off. I soon switched to a Thermaltake Volcano 7+ and Artic Silver 3. I was careful to completely remove all of the pink thermal gunk from the die of the CPU before using the AS3 and the Thermaltake. I am not using a copper shim. With regards to the assembled hardware, everything appears to be firmly and evenly seated, and working properly. The problem is, I am running mid 50 degrees Celsius under load, and this is with the case still removed. With the case on, I hit the 60’s.

I look at my Vcore readout, and although it is set to 1.75 volts in the BIOS, the actual reading seems to fluctuate between 1.179V and 1.181V. I cannot adjust the setting lower through the BIOS, only higher.

Two questions:

Do you think that lowering my Vcore settings a bit would help this situation?
I prefer to continue using the Jumperfree mode on my MB. Can I manually adjust the jumpers for a lower Vcore setting while Jumperfree mode is still engaged for other areas of the MB?

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.
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  1. hahah geesh im having the exact same problem just about, lets hope someone who knows something will respond, o and how did u go about removing the pink gunk hehehe around the core?

  2. Lowering the vcore will certainly provide temperature reduction. If you lower it by 20% you can probably expect a 20% temperature drop. Of course the components nearby would still heat it up. Problem is you need to lower clock speed to lower the vcore. Not sure how many motherboards these days allow underclocking. I wish more allowed underclocking because it would be immensely helpful for people who want to lower temps like you or run their computers with less fan noise from high-output fans (since less heat would require less cooling).

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