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For the first few months a had my desktop it ran games beautifully but now it crashed almost every game I attempt to run on it Specs: Athlon II (4th core unlocked 3.2 GHz), 6 GB DDR3 RAM, HD raedon 7750, 450 watt PSU, ASrock 770i cafe Motherboard. any ideas of what might be causing this (I have updated Graphics and Win7 Drivers)
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  1. Describe the crashes please!
  2. Sunius said:
    Describe the crashes please!

    My desktop has launched the game and usually within 2-5 minutes in, it black screens and goes to windows homescreen.
  3. Any error message? Is computer usable after the crash?
  4. Yes it can be used after the crash like normal, no lag or any graphical issues after "game crashes" (no error messages other than "this program has stopped working")
  5. It's either the graphics card (which I doubt; because it usually gives an error message when it fails), or corrupted Windows. I'd suggest reinstalling windows to see if it fixes the issue. If it doesn't, something is wrong with hardware for sure.
  6. I already reinstalled Win 7 a week ago would that mean it is the GPU?
  7. It probably is. Just to be sure I'd try it in another PC (if you have another one, or ask a good friend or neighbour).
  8. yah I was thinking of trying it in another, also i have been running MSI kombuster tests on it and it scores quite hi also it bitmines at the rate the card should.
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