BF3 DirectX problem?

Hello all,

I've recently been playing BF3 a lot and although it's been running smoothly it's crashed (surprise) twice, but both times I've gotten a DirectX error. The first time I just kind of ignored it but the second time makes me think this is going to be a recurring problem. It doesn't happen often but I'd rather I fix it than leave it...

This is the error I get, same both times.

If system specs are needed there's a banner in my sig, but ask if you need to know more :)

Thanks all.

PS. Is there no intro forum or is that just kinda ignored here?
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  1. How much RAM are you running?
  2. Update the card drivers through the manufacturer web site.
  3. 4GB ram, and already have the latest card drivers (306.23)
  4. Whole pc specs?
  5. Got an E3400 oc'd to 3.24 Ghz
    ASUS GTX 550ti

    Like I said, plays smoothly but has a random crash
  6. Might be unstable OC. Did you try reverting it to see if it fixes it?
  7. The first time I had the error, there was no OC on anything. One happened a few days ago and the other the day before yesterday
  8. I'd try reinstalling the game.
  9. Game has been reinstalled and I'm now getting "BF3.exe has stopped responding" along with "Nvidia driver not responding but has been recovered" and one BSOD.

    More errors than I started with. Also I have this weird problem where the first time I join a server, no matter what it will always crash. It never fails to, but will always load on the second attempt. Happens every time.
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