Xbox 360 external enclosure?

Can you take the 360 slim, make a base that then uses the sata port, but converts it to an esata then use an external hard drive enclosure so you can hook up more 360hdd's?

curious if anyone has tried this before?
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  1. that is an interesting idea, I would like to see someone try that.
    I have seen SATA to eSATA cables could always make a eSATA kind of port on the xbox allowing for external hard drives and docking stations.

    the only thing that might hold this idea back is the format of the drives and the external enclosures connector boards may not all work together, but would be cool to see done.
  2. Honestly it quite a good idea however i don't think the Xbox could Handel it i don't think it would understand that it had more than one hard drive.

    But then again when i tried Jtaging an xbox (when Jtaging was kewl) it caught on fire ... so i might be wrong LOL

    maybe instead you could get a dock SATA to USB and just when through the front?
  3. lol, i liked and hated jtagging, took my 6 hours to jtag my first xbox, but it was worth it, loved customizing my dashboard.

    but i think as long as you are using only 1 drive and the drive is formated properly to be used in the xbox and there is no controller causing issues on the external drive end then it should work in theory, but who knows.
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