Windows 2000 - Problem with printers Disappearing

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On a windows2000 desktop PC every so often it loses it's list of
printers. If you then try and install the printer again sometimes it
will say "not possible - out of resouces". However if you do a
straight re-boot the list of installed printers (both local &
network) come back.

Can anyone offer any advice how to solve this please?
Thanks in advance
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.print_fax (More info?)

    Hi Hogan

    If your printers are dissapearing, it is probably becasue your print spooler
    has gone down. Next time thet dissapear, go into start>settings>control
    panel>Administrative tools>services>print spooler. (will have to scroll odwn
    the list a bit. If you right click on this icon, you see an option "start"
    (becasue the print spooler has stopped) click that and see if your printers
    come back ( this procedure is done during a restart automatically and would
    explain why they come back after a re-boot.)

    This however is only the quick temporary solution to the problem, also
    within "administrative tools" have a look under "event log" and see if you
    can find anything realted to why your print spooler might have stopped ( look
    around the times when the printers dissapeared). Then you will have to work
    at that problem.

    Hope this all helps.

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