Need Recommendation: Quiet CPU Fan

I trying to find a quieter fan for my CPU, I am currently using a Cooler Master DP5-6I31A which is rated at 38db noise level. My configuration is:

MS-6380 K7T266PRO2 Motherboard
AMD Athlon 1900+
60GB harddrive
20GB harddrive
DVD Drive
CD-RW Drive...

Which heatsink/fan combo should I look at? I will not be overclocking the system and I never run games. I usually go on the internet, use Photoshop/Illustrator, and play MP3s.

Please recommend one that can be easily installed without removing the motherboard. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Would anyone recommend a 60mm to 80mm adapter and a 80mm fan for my existing CoolerMaster 60mm heasink? The CPU temperature currently runs at around 45¡ãC-48¡ãC.

    The 80mm fans are around 21dBA as opposed to my current 60mm fan which is 38dBA. Which is quite a difference in noise.

    If this is a good idea, which specific adapter/fan should I get and where? Thanks!
  2. Not really...

    I don't like the adapters. The generally don't really work the way you would think that they would.

    Which Coolermaster heatsink is it?

    And do you know what fan it is. Make and model number?

    This should help me and anyone else make suggestions basd on your stats.

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  3. What is the downfall for these adapters? I thought this might be a good alternative instead of replacing a heatsink/fan and all the 60mm fans seems to be noisy. But I'd like to hear some other suggestions.

    My current heatsink/fan is a Cooler Master DP5-6I31A.
  4. Check out <A HREF="" target="_new">my post</A>, Bum_JC explained pretty well...

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  5. As far as I know, any HSF combo is going to produce vibrations that far outweigh its potential low noise output. This is true for any fan out there except for the Papst 8412, which only runs at 1500 RPM. Still, even with a low RPM, I've found that fans that are implanted firmly in the center of the motherboard (which a CPU fan essentially is) always cause some major seismic activity around the other components. That's why I think the quietest and still very effective fan is the Zalman 6000-cu if you have an Athlon, and 6500-cu if you have a pentium 4. People never believe me when I say that it's quiet, but it is.

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