Borderlands 2 lag? normal?

I am getting some lag on borderlands 2, what i mean by this is the game mostly runs fine, but it gets laggy (below 30 frames) sometimes which is weird. I can run BF3, and a number of other games fine, but this game doesnt overall run too well on my pc and i cant figure out why. I have had horrendous lag problems with games on my pc, games like this where its open world, (GTA IV, Prototype 2, etc. so i dont know why this is a recurring theme with my pc.

MSI R7770 1gb

Amd FX 6100

8gb ram

1280x720 resolution

Any help?
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  1. Check CPU usage!
  2. Your system should be able to sleep through any game on that resolution.
    I checked the web a bit and came upon this:
    "Fixed the problem though. Downloaded the latest PhysX drivers, and changed PhysX to low."
  3. How would downloading the latest phys x drivers help me with these game problems? even on saints row the third i got horrendous lag on high settings on this resolution. i want to find a solution
  4. Disable physx.
  5. There's been a few probs like this. indecently my internet went down the other day and BL2 played a lot better. As a matter of interest play offline and see if its any better.
  6. Sunius said:
    Disable physx.


    It says in the settings that phys x is off though. and how could i use it if i dont have a Nvidia graphics card?
  7. What settings are you running it at? What is GPU usage? Check it with MSI Afterburner.
  8. BL2 is very cpu intensive and AMD users can have Physix
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