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Well, now i got my new comp and its working great(cept that i still have my sucky GF2mx200).

Is there any way to change the FSB on my motherboard(A7V333 non RAID) without entering BIOS?

maybe some prog like cpucool or softFSB?
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  1. I just finished tweaking my system, A7V333-RAID, Duron Morgan AHHAA 1000MHz now running @ 1245 ( 166MHz x 7.5 ) with a stick of Samsung PC2100 @ 166MHz I tell you, use the BIOS to set your FSB.

    You may also want to set the voltage too, you'll need to play around with the VID1-4 jumpers, some settings are not documented so I suggest you do a search on THG forums for one of my post where I explain how those jumpers work.

    BTW, i'm using BIOS 1011, I heard that 1013 is even better for a 166MHz FSB...

    Fok Speling Misstake
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