World of warcraft MoP no eyefinity

So basically problem is as the title described.

I got a time card and the MoP expansion, and reactivated my account. Normally, in the graphics option in game, there is an option to "match resolution to desktop" or even resolutions higher than a standard monitor. (i game on 4800x900)

With this new expansion, there are no resolutions above 1600x900, my standard desktop size, or a "match desktop resolution" option.

It worked in the beta seemingly, and i cant find any info about it anywhere. I opened a ticket in-game but the average response time was abut 3 days.

Thanks in advance guys, if any more info is needed lemme know.
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    I suppose you are using DirectX 11? Try DirectX 9.

    Not optimal, but iirc, DirectX 11 doesn't work with widescreen res in MoP, atm.
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