a not-so-cool-problem with steam and half-life2

This could really suck when half life 2 comes out, with regards to single player. As most of us know, steam will be mandatory. However, upon reading this little article....
* Do I have to be connected to the Internet when I play Steam games?

The short answer is yes.

All Steam-enabled games require you to be connected to the Internet in order to play.

Note: some Steam-enabled single-player games (such as Half-Life 2) purchased at a retail store will allow offline play until the user decides to play online or enable other Steam functionality. From that point on, an Internet connection will be required.

found <A HREF="http://steampowered.com/index.php?area=faq&id=1050915505,27362300,1050915714,91503900" target="_new"> here </A>

Now, my take on this is that I go to my local computer store, pay for the retail game, and start playing single player. I then decide to try out multi-player. Steam connects, and I play on-line. From now on, whenever I want to play sp, I have to have steam on-line. I can see a big problem with this...what happens if I can't get on the internet due to a server crash? What happens if my mom takes the internet away? Does this mean I can't play single player. What the hell?
Anyone have any other takes on this. I have a feeling this could be bad.....

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  1. I don't see why you couldn't uninstall steam after you've tried out the multiplayer so you can continue to play HL2 offline.

    This would be ridiculous if you had to be online to play singleplayer. It's about as bas as Ticketmaster auctioning off the best seats for certain concerts. Just ridiculous.


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  2. This can't be. What about ppl with dial-up, do they have to pay a phone call to just play sp?

    If they go through with this they'll be slaughtered by the gaming community.
  3. Wait I think I get it this has to be only for the games you get *through* steam, *not* what you get at the local store.
  4. even still its just pointless, the only time you should need an internet connection is when you play on-line simple as that! I am lucky enough to have an always on DSL connection at home but I still resent this (if its true) and the rumours surrounding various versions and having to pay for updates etc is just plain out of order. Valve are from what I was gathering are very customer focused, to be ripping people off and making things so difficult is suicide for them. If i cant walk into a retail shop pick up the full game SP & MP without having to be on-line, pay for updates and all this steam crap then as much as it hurts i may not bother with HL2!

    we need facts and we need them now! im starting to get pissed off with the whole HL2 thing :mad: :mad: first it was the gfx card performance issues now its this! why? whjy make things more complex than neccesary, take a leaf out of the Japanes Softco's handbook! GGrrrrrr! AAArrrgghhhh! this is driving me fcuking insane.

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  5. Quote:

    we need facts and we need them now! im starting to get pissed off with the whole HL2 thing first it was the gfx card performance issues now its this!

    the 45.33 detonator fx drivers for gffx has fixed this problem. Mostly for half-life2 and some flickering issues.

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  6. In regards for requiring Steam Authentication for LAN play, that is something that they are planning to address. I know in regards to this specific issue, VALVe has been recieving a lot of flack from the DUN community. Something i hope they will change at some point in the future
  7. It's nothing to worry about. I don't have the link handy, but the official word from Valve is that at first, you'll need a net connection to play, but the issue will be sorted out within weeks, if not days, of release.

    Who knows, it might even be sorted out before the game gets released.
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