Slap in the Face (HSF Review)

I guess Tom doesn't like OCZ, Thermalright, and Thermaltake.
He didn't even bother with OCZ, though the OCZ Goliath Pure Copper Cooler claimed to have the most dense fin structure in the industry. "More surface area = better cooling." They even have a newer version out now.

Thermaright's SLK-800 and AX7 are coolers much deserving recognition if for nothing less than they are some of the most popular out.

If I were Thermaltake, I'd be a little upset.
Representing Thermaltake was it's old and outdated Dragon Orb 3. I would have liked to see the newer
Volcano 7, Volcano 7+, and Volcano 9
squaring off for the right to represent Thermaltake.
Especially with the Volcano 9's new fan: 75.7 CFM at 4800rpm.
Many fans struggle to get 50 CFM at 5000-7000rpm.

Pain is the realization of your own weakness.
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  1. I completely agree. It's unfathomable to me how such greatly acclaimed heatsinks from companies such as these could just be completely ignored like this, considering how popular cooling solutions from these brands are.

    Great article, but I just hope it's updated, and soon. Many people use tomshardware as one of their main sources of information, if not their sole source. I'd hate to see someone buy the "best" cooler in the article, only to regret it later when they find out about a much better cooling solution that was omitted from tom's for reasons unknown.

  2. Yeah....I was wondering the same thing....If you ask a question on this forum about what cooler to buy. Most of the answers the "people in the know" will give you, weren't reviewed. I just ordered a Volcano 7+ and wanted to see how it stacked up in Tom's tests. However, it wasn't included in the article. Hmmm...I know that testing heat sinks isn't the most stimulating story to cover, but I though it would have been better to include the aformentioned brands/models. Just my two cents...

    GO BillS!!!
  3. Tom only reviews products he gets sent for free - which is quite understandable- and different product lines are popular in Europe.

    Also high quality manufacturers often do not feel the need to advertise in internet fanzines.
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