Any suggestions how to overclock GeForce 2MX


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  1. You can download apps like GeForce Tweak Utility or RivaTuner to increase the GPU and memory speeds of your card. You can find them here: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.

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  2. On the GF2 MX, the memory bandwidth is the limiting factor (166mhz) so its always best on this card to overclock the memory as far as it will go (until you begin to see little 'glitches' in the image) and then o/c the chip afterwards. I personally have had my GF2 MX400 to 210/200, but i have seen some go much higher.

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  3. Quote:
    I personally have had my GF2 MX400 to 210/200, but i have seen some go much higher

    Actually, the new ones (at least from MSI) come at default at 200/200.

    What score did you have with that 210/200?

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  4. I already saw your answer in the other post. 2754 3DMarks

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  5. Oh and this are the maximum speeds I got out of my ASUS V7100 Pure GeForce2 MX 32MB: default 175/166MHz (GPU/memory), maximum 225/205MHz.
    I only added an fan to the fanless heatsink.
    But because I got artifacts inside Max Payne (but not in other games, strange enough) I lowered the speeds to 200/200 MHz.
    I got 3292 3DMarks with 3DMark2001SE: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.

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  6. Wow, i didnt realise they came that high. Anyway im working on getting past the 3000 3dmarks barrier. So far im at 2825, but im gonna add another fan tonight and hopefully get the core to 235. BTW since my last post ive managed to get my mem to 216, but after this the comp crashes and the screen goes weird.

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  7. What's your CPU speed?
  8. AMD Athlon XP1600+ @ 1.4GHz on an Abit KG7-RAID with 512MB DDRRAM.

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  9. I just hit 3514 3dMark 2001 SE by overclocking my VisionTek GeForce2 MX 400 @ 240MHz Core / 200MHz Memory using RivaTuner.

    The rest of my system is agressively oced too : Duron Morgan AHHAA 1000MHz @ 1250MHz ( 7.5 x 166MHz ) overvolted to 1.90V using a stick of Samsung PC2100 @ 166MHz ( 2.5/3/3/6 ) on a A7V333-RAID BIOS 1014.

    My scores are even better than those of some P4 Northwood Bs using the same GPU...

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  10. looks like mine is the lowest among ya all
    maybe its becuz of sdram and poor mem speeds
    my system is an p41.8ghz 256sdram and geforce2mx400 at 200/155
    couldn overclock this baby very well
  11. The memory speed for the MX is supposed to be higher that 155MHz stock speed??!!

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  12. Hey, mine came stock at 200/143. It depends on the manufacturer. Although I did still manage to get my mem to 216.
    About the glitches in Max Payne (to whoever said it), I had this exact same problem after i OCed. I got glitches only in Max Payne and the DOT3 demo of 3D mark (the one with the spinning bagel, or is it a [-peep-]?). Strange how somethings are affected much more by OCing than others. Perhaps Max Payne uses a lot of DOT3 stuff, which is particularly affected by ocing. Ah well..... Im now thinking of getting a Radeon 8500, theyre getting pretty cheap.

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  13. Mine MX in my P3 also come with 200/143. I wonder what brand is that card? couldn't find the manufacturer's name anywhere...not even on the card...
  14. I had that problem... very interesting. I now have that GeForce 2 MX in another PC but I can check if the most aggressive setting (225/205MHz) also give artifacts inside the DOT3 benchmark. But if it is because the Max FX engine then I would also suspect problems while running the loby scene... as it is based on the same one.

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  15. I have a GF2 MX400 64MB...

    If I use the program to overclock, will I need a new heatsink/fan to prevent damage? I'm not talking *crazy* boosts, just reasonable ones.

  16. Well maybe a fan if your GPU heatsink doesn't have one. Or if they are very small a better GPU HSF.
    But if you increase the MHz with just small steps the system will get instable before you can damage the chip.

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  17. My evga GeForce2 MX 400 64MB card is overclocked to 233/175
    Default was 200/150 for this card. I have not tried going above 233, but the memory will not go above 175. I added an old S7 CPU fan to the heatsink and it has worked fine. I used the latest drivers to tweak it; they contain a utility in display properties. It might not be the best GeForce2 card, but i got mine for $50.00 from newegg in July...

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  18. I've got a GeForce II MX400 overclocked from 200/200 to 240/240... well at least I DID. I think my computer was starting to lockup because of it (after about a year running at this speed \-|). Not sure on that one - but anyway - I've got an Athlon T-Bird running at 1.1Ghz with 256MB's of SDRAM and my BIOS won't let me get the bus speed up to 133x2: it's only going at 110x2. My MadOnion benchmark is TERRIBLE. My card handles 32 bit colour aweful, but at 1024x768x16 I'm only still getting <2000 3D marks - and you guys are getting near 4000. In anybody's humble opinion, would this have to do with 1) bus, 2) shitty-BIOS (I'm affraid to flash it :-0) or 3) RAM? On top of that - anybody have trouble running in 32 bit colour on a GeForce II MX400 - or do I have a lemon or something????

    Any help would be sweet - this has been a long running mystery to me!!!

  19. Wow... slow down a little. About which bus speed are we talking here FSB or only the meory bus speed. I asume you have an 1.1GHz 200MHz FSB Athlon Thunderbird.

    But yeah even then your score suck badly... my P3 933MHz with OC'ed GeForce2 MX almost hits 3000 points... your should do atleast the same.
    Which OS are you running, and do you have the latest (41.09) drivers? Have you set the AGP speed to 4x... set AGP aperture size to 128MB inside the BIOS? Have you set the max memory use values under Direct3D and OpenGL for your drivers?

    Oh and finally which mobo are you using? And what is your current BIOS version (most times you can find it somewhere ate the left bottom of the screen during POST... it is the last two numbers of the long row of characters or a date standing somewhere around there).

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  20. Silly me!
    Yes, I meant FSB. My BIOS version - for my AOpen motherboard (running the Apollo chipset with 4in1 drivers - can't remember which motherboard version) is 00PG. It's Award btw. My apeture's already 128MB's and I'm running Windows 98 SE.

    I'm thinking right now that I'm going to see if (I know there IS a switch for something on the mobo that didn't work when I had the BIOS version which originally was installed) there is a hard switch for the clock multiplier to get my FSB up to speed - but does anybody want to give their opinion on whether flashing the BIOS by yourself is "BAD BAD BAD" or "not so terrible, you can take it to somebody who has tools if you need to anyway" ok.

    Thanks for the help sorry about the vagueness :-p

  21. I scored 3717 3DMarks. Updated drivers must have helped - thanks anyway!

  22. That is a very nice score for an SDR$AM system. My XP1600 with GeForce2 MX (now in that P3 933MHz system) only scored a couple of hundreds higher with DDR.

    And updating a BIOS isn't that difficult and dangerous if you follow the instructions... I flashed my BIOS almost 10 times. But if you found which mobo you exactly have and found the instructions and newest BIOS and still have questions you can always ask.

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