AMD 7950 vs borderlands 2?

Hey guys will this system|1-33130|1-69230|1-58955|2-65549|1-52176|1-58746|1-49597|1-33602|1-33601|1-6024|1-7842|1

run borderlands 2 well with this card (on highest settings)|1-33130|1-69230|1-58955|2-65549|1-52176|1-58746|1-49597|1-33602|1-33601|1-6024|1-7842|1

Because I've heard a few cases where high end cards like the 7950 are running borderlands 2 well in singleplayer but in coop it becomes unplayable. However, this person was running physx so maybe that's why, is it really that demanding?

I just want to know because the total cost of this system is gonna be over $1000 and if it can run battlefield 3 online on ultra, why the hell can't it run a cartoony ass game like borderlands?
is it really that optimized for Nvidia systems that it just rapes AMD cards?

What am I looking at here?
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  1. Well I don't know if it will be THAT terrible, just turn off PhysX and I can't imagine it could be that terrible. But unfortunately this game does love NVIDIA a lot more. A GTX 660 beats a 7970 on borderlands 2. IMO a 7950 should be beating a 660 on this game.
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