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Hello, I've just finished building my new computer. Its a huge step up for me, Im coming straight from a first generation pentium processor.

I put together an AMD XP2000+ system, and Im using the fan/heatsink that came with the retail box. I was just planning on using that setup, but I've been comparing my CPU heat readings (on Asus PC Probe) to some I've read on the net and Im starting to think it would help to get a new heatsink and fan. My CPU is at a pretty consistant 55C (131F) and my motherboard is around 32C (89F) and Im not doing anything that would be hard on the system. The hardest thing I've done is burnt a few CD's between a CD-ROM and a CD-RW drive. Im hoping to get the input from some people here, as to whether I should be worried about those temps and if I should be worried, what kind of cost effective cooling systems I should look into.

I'd also like to ask one other question. It isnt CPU related, but since I've explained my situation, someone may know the answer. Im using Asus PC Probe to watch my system, and my voltage monitor shows a consistant 13.056 and sometimes as high as about 13.300 for my +12V reading. I know nothing about power supplies, but this worried me because Im running 4 80mm case fans and Im adding a 120mm soon also. Would anyone be willing to briefly explain if its ok for the +12V reading to be showing over 12 and how high I should let it go before doing something, and what I might do to fix it :) Thanks so much. Hoping to get some help.

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  1. couple of things...
    firstly DONT rely on asus probe.
    its renown for giving dodgey values, especially temps and voltages.

    use Motherboard Monitor instead. free online download.

    that said, 55c is a decent temperature for a stock heatsink. and anyway, the actual temp varies so much between different PC's that only one thing matters: <b>If it doesnt lockup its fine :smile: </b>
    If you want to test your computer for stability at full load, i suggest you download and run PRIME95 and its built in torture test.

    p.s. 4 casefans is quite enough! im only running one!

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  2. Thanks so much for the reply.

    I downloaded MBM5 and its showing me even higher temps. Im getting 62C for the CPU. That is just running idle. Starting to get worried (I want to run high end games and audio on this comp), I checked out some other heatsink/fans and decided that I would atleast ask how effective they might be. Could you or anyone offer some input on the Thermaltake Volcano6Cu+ for my XP2000+? I can pick it up at a local computer shop for 11 dollars, so Im just wondering how much of a change I will knowtice over my stock set. Thanks.

  3. *squeaks*
    u really dont have to worry!
    only when it starts freezing on you then you might need a better cooler!

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  4. You need a topless girl in a grass skirt to wave a big-ass leaf in front of it.....make sure you put the thermal grease in the right spot.

  5. hehe, yeah I know Im being kind of, eh, nervous... but its because I havent done anything to work my computer yet, and it has a pretty high base level. I just dont want to start something that pulls a lot of the system and then find out that I've overheated something.
  6. *SQUEAK!*
    [download and run prime95 for half an hour. if it bauks or you pc freezes then you have a problem. if mot, your good. easy solution.]

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  7. I have a 2100+ and a Volcano 6Cu. My temps are 40C at idle and 48C at load. But like it was said before if your not locking up your fine.
  8. What kind of case do you have? I had a cheap $40 case. The vent holes for the fans were small and very restrictive. Then I switched to an Antec Performance Plus 880. My CPU temps dropped 7-10c and my system temps also dropped 7-10c. Very pleased with this case.
  9. You may probably don't have a problem with cpu temp, but I've built enough computers of different types to know they will always run faster and more stably at lower temps.
    My suggestion is a thermaltake Volcano 9 $22.

    As for CPU temp readings, an external reader will always be more accurate than programs based on the motherboard's sensor(these tend to underestimate the temp). External sensors are placed directly on the CPU, where motherboard sensors are on the motherboard directly under the CPU.

    Most CPU's start to freeze at around 70 degrees celcius (not all), but I don't like mine above 55.

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