Would i get playable frame rates in metro2033 on this rig??

I have an asrock G31M-VS2 mobo with an intel pentium D 935@3.2 ghz . I own an evga 9800 GT 512 mb and 2 gigs of ddr2 ram @ 800 mhz. I'm aware of my rig being a total ***..
But i recently came to know about this wonderful first person shooter and since then, i'm desperate to play it.
Since the game bears a hefty price tag and i'm short on funds,hence this that buying this game doesn't result in a waste of money..!!
Extra info which may help:
i play at 720p ie 1280*768 res
recently, i played bf3 on 1280*768 res (ultra) at a stable and average frame rate of 35-40..
Any help is a welcome..
Thnxx in advance
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  1. Hi :)

    NOT with that graphics card....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. It will be border line playable, ie it will lag alot but you can play it on lowest settings at that resolution.
  3. wooooooo......thats pretty demanding and even my gpu is a total it definitely goes hand in hand the metro 2033 more demanding than bf3????
    Because , i hear at many places about bf3 being the most demanding game ever accompanied with witcher 2..????
    Is metro even the grand daddy of these two??
  4. and as i have upgraded from an ati hd 5450, so u definitely can understand my
    i played bf3 and crysis2 on an ati hd 5450 even..................
    So my eyes have adjusted to slower frame rates pretty well and i do consider anything from 25+ as playable....
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    You really need to consider a new build altogether. Pentium Ds are slow CPUs, and will hold back any graphics card more powerful than your 9800GT. You can also probably use more RAM, some games will use 2GB all on their own, and your OS is going to be eating probably 1GB of that memory. At the very least, you'll need more RAM, and you will need to track down a fast Core 2 Duo or a Core 2 Quad that your motherboard supports in order to get a playable experience in Metro. Given the fact that the Core 2 CPUs are very pricey right now, it probably isn't worth going that route.

    Metro is probably one of the most demanding games out there. There is no single GPU that can run it on ultra with all the DX11 features at any decent resolution and maintain playable framerates. Even at a really low resolution you would need a top of the line card to even have a chance of doing ultra and staying above 30FPS. Witcher 2 might be slightly more demanding if you turn ubersampling on, without ubersampling, Metro is more demanding.
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