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my chassis fan makes a lot of noise. its not that bad, and i dont notice it if i have music on or whatever, but its annoying.

its a Sunon 80mm, the person at the store i bought it from said Sunon is the better brand of the ones they carry, and it doesn't make much noise, but i've found it too loud.

is there any suggestions anyone has? i cant think of a way to make it make less noise...

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  1. double post

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  2. You can feed it with only 5 V from one of the HDD/CD connectors. It's going to be spinning slower but the noise problem will improve a lot

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  3. also bear in mind that fans are lounder than normal if they cannot get proper airflow happening. this happened in my case as the fan grill was really just a series of punched holes in the rear metal sheet, less than half the air moved by the fan was actually getting out. so i cut out the hole, put on a simple fan grill and it was MUCH quiter.
    the fan was no longer struggling to move air.

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