Battlefield 3 Not Responding (680m)

I'm running a 680m (driver 306.23) on a GT60. When I open BF3 from Origin/Battlelog, it usually gets stuck at the "Press Enter" screen, and I have to ctrl/alt/delete out. Sometimes I can get as far as the menu/options screen, but the program still locks up. When I exit out, I get a message that "Battlefield 3 has stopped working."

Has anyone else experienced this? Any fixes?

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  1. I don't get a press enter screen at all, unless you are talking single player, is the same thing happening in multiplayer?
  2. Yeah Single Player
  3. does the same thing happen in multi? does pressing space work instead of enter?
  4. i'll have to try when i get home. sounds like it good be the driver or punkbuster.
  5. I think the porting was not done well, sometimes it doesn't tell you which button to press on the QTE's
  6. I'm having this problem on a 560M laptop that played the game just fine since it came out and until the last time I played it (not including today). Shucks and I was just about to buy the premium package. Talk about a game changer. I can play for about 5 minutes and then it locks, ctrl-alt-del is the only way out and then "Battlefield 3 is not responding" issue. Its gotta be due to a recent update though I don't think I updated BF3. Gonna have to see if a new video driver is out. I know I updated that recently.
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