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Wasn't really sure where to post this, as I'm new to these forums, but I read the Article on the 55 AMD coolers that were reviewed, and I have a couple gripes..

1. The most obvious: why weren't the OEM coolers that come with retail AMD's reviewed? If anything, for comparison purposes to other coolers performance to see if it's worth getting the retail package and how good the coolers actually are

2. Why were none of the Volcano series included in the review?? As far as I know these are the most popular amongst the AMD coolers and from what I've heard from most, the best choice! Surely they should have been worth including!

My $5.50...

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  1. dunno why the stock coolers wernt tested, specially as they are quite ok if you just want a standard computer.

    im guess the volcano series wernt tested cauz they couldnt get their hand on them/ wernt given them. it wasnt only the volcano series, the good sk series was absent too.

    but its al been covered in previous threads.

    a good enough review for the masses i guess, nothing is perfect.

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  2. Yeah, I know it was still a decent review, but the two series of coolers that I really actually wanted to see are not even on there :/

    Plus the guys at tomshardware.com are usually pretty thorough, so I guess I've come to expect perfection :P

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  3. The answer is fairly straight forward.

    They (actually, he) tested what the manufacturers sent. The question you should be asking here is "Did he call Volcano for any samples?"

    If he did, then Volcano figured their market share was good enough, and gaffed him off.

    I'd actually go 50/50 either way. I dunno; was the test done in the States, or Deuchland?

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