Ps3 slim loud fan.

Hi there :hello: is there anyway i can make my ps3 slim more quiet ? After about 20 minuets the cpu fan gets loud but this is pretty old because i brought it when it first came out. It sometimes freezes when i hit the ps button to go through my messages as well. Is it time for a new ps3 ??
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  1. The fan speed is controlled according to temperature.

    Is it in a cupboard or wall unit? Give it some air or turn the air-con/desktop fan on if it is hot where it stands.

    The fan fins might also be full of dust,making extra noise. If you are not worried about the warranty, considering it is old, open and Clean it inside.
  2. Open your PS3 to clean fan, if also loud, you need to change a new fan.
    PS3 USB Cooling Cooler 4 Fan
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