Running P4 1.8a "underclocked"

I got a P4 1.8a and I cant overclock it worth crap! I've gone through 3 motherboards gigabyte GA-8IGX, via P4XPB-LI (think) and now I have an shuttle as45gtr. With the gigabyte I could get to 2.4 with stock HSF at 133 fsb but it wouldnt warm boot. The vcore would only go up to 1.725 so I was considering doing the voltage mod but that mb crapped out (audio stopped working) on me so I said screw it and decided to wait for the as45gtr to come out. With the shuttle I couldnt get it to post at 2.4 using an arkua 8568 at v1.85 at all so I bumped it to v1.90 ( felt like crapping my pants!! ) and it would post and I could warm boot, but when I turn it off and try a cold boot it wont even post. The vcore can go all the way v2.4 but I'm pretty sure that will fry my CPU and probably take out the mb as well. So I'm wondering if I just got unlucky and got a 1.8a that doesnt OC as well as others. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

here are my system specs

P4 1.8a retail
Shuttle AS45GTR sis648
Arkua 8568 CPU cooler
OCZ 2700 512MB
ATI Radeon 8500 OEM
2 IBM 60 120GXP - (not setup for raid)
Sony 48x12x48 CDRW

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  1. Oh yeah, when I say underclocked I mean it's running at 1.8ghz which I feel is "underclocked." I forgot the quotes and the smiley ;)
  2. Can you exchange it for another?

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  3. I cant exchange it, it's been past the 15 days with newegg. From reading the many post about ppl in my situation the only thing I can really try next is to get a better PSU, cuz right now the one I have is some no name. What does everyone else thing about that? When I checked the voltage with sandra when and PC health it showed that that they were right around 1.85~1.9 so would it help at all to get a quality PSU or would that just be a waste of time/money/effort? Sounds kinda like a long shot to me but I'll try just about anything at this poing. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated
  4. Are you using the 4:5 cpu:dram ratio when you try 2.4GHz?
  5. yeah, I'm using 4:5 for the cpu:dram ratio and everything is set to the defaults except for the vcore and fsb of course. Still no luck =( I should be able to get my new PSU next week. I'm thinking about getting an enermax or sparkle I know they have that at fry's. Also I was thinking about getting a 350w to save money. Should I get a bigger one and any recommendations on brand name?
  6. An 350W will do fine, Enermax and Antec are very good PSU makers.

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  7. I think 350w should be fine for yours but I don't know if it would help you get to 2.4gig.
    Antec and Enermax are popular with overclockers.
    If you haven't already, try the forums at <A HREF="" target="_new">overclockers</A>
    It's a good place for overclocking info and advice.
  8. Hey to all you that are instrested, I didnt get a new PSU just yet but I kinda figured out I need one. I was talking to my buddy about how I couldnt get to 2.4 and he said unplug all your drives and try to see if you can get it to post. I unplugged my 2 hdds, CDRW, unplugged the extra connector for agp pro, 5 case fans and it posted! WOOHOO! Now that I think about it does make sense that I need a bigger PSU, the one I'm using right now is only 300w. Hahah, you guys can laugh at me all you want =P. My friend advised me to get at least a 450w but I think I try to squeak by with a 431w. We'll see !!!!

    btw, who else thinks I'm a big lamo for answering my own damn post so many times.....

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  9. I'm not laughing, my 1.6@2.4 is running just fine on a 250w supply. It was built for low noise, hdd is the loudest thing in it.
    Good luck with the 1.8, good un's get to 2.7 at stock volts
  10. 350w is more then enough.

    I have a 300w and my 1.8 running at 2.56 (143 FSB).

  11. hello again, I finally got my CPU to run at 2.4, it wasn't easy! I got a new enermax 365w PSU and gave it a try but no luck. It would do the same thing when I had my old PSU. At that point I kinda gave up and didn't try it again until shuttle released a new bios for my mb. Even then it would not even post at 2.4! What I had to do is a little strange to me, but I want your guy's opinion on it. The only way I can get it to run is first before I try raising the fsb I change the vcore to 1.725v, save and exit. Then I go back into bios and change the fsb to 133 and all that good stuff. After that it will boot up just fine. I can cold boot and warm boot no problems. However if I unplug the computer and push the power button to discharge the all the left electricity and try to boot it after that, no luck. I have to go through the same procedure again. Sounds weird to me, never heard of anything like that before. I don't mind doing that as long as it's running well. Any comments are greatly appreciated!
  12. erm. im running 2 hard drives, and 8 fans off my 300 watt with an athlon xp 1600+ @1850 mhz. It perfectly stable. you should check your voltages though because i know that a crappy power supply can give you some unstable +5v performence. if the 5 volt line is not running higher than 4.8, you will have stibility problems when overclocking.
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