Terrible performance in Borderlands 2

Okay, my system should be able to play this game with no problem at 120fps.


CPU: Intel i7 3770k @ 4.3ghz
MOBO: Asus Sabertooth Z77
RAM: 16gb Corsair Dominator Platinum @1866
GPU's: 2x Gigabyte GTX 680 SLI
PSU: Corsair HX 1050

With Sli enabled i am getting FPS fluctuations from 120 down to low 40s. With SLI disabled and my 2nd GPU dedicated to PhysX i am getting an average of about 50 FPS. There should be no reason that my system cant max this game out, i have the most recent Nvidia drivers, I have cleared and reinstalled the video and PhysX drivers.

My temps are all good, my cpu never passes 50c and the gpu's hover around 60c. The usage shown in after burner is low 50% on my GPUs.

I think it is a cpu problem, when looking at my resource manager i see where my cpu is hitting 100%, but i also see that the game is only utilizing 1 of the 8 virtual cores available. Is there a setting I can change or something I can do to fix this problem. I know others have experienced problems with this game, but after throwing about $3,000 into a system i figured i wouldn't have a problem with any games in the near future.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. That's a monster PC and should eat Borderlands 2 for breakfast ... what resolution are you playing at? Have you updated the SLI profiles (although I saw that the latest drivers had an SLI update for Borderlands 2 included).

    How are you finding the Sabertooth? I got one last week (also with a 3770k) and I can't get the ethernet port to work with a gigabit router. It only has 7 pins in the port - don't suppose you could do a quick check on yours for me and let me know if it also has 7 or (almost certainly) has 8?
  2. Thanks for the reply, i did some searching and found that the newest physx drivers arent bundled with the nvidia drivers, so i am downloading those at the moment. I also changed some things around in nvidia control panel and it seems to have helped.

    I have had no problems with my sabertoorh, it does have 8 pins in the ethernet port, so it looks like you are going to have to RMA that one :(. But it is a great board, and Asus has great Customer Service.
  3. BL2 has Phsyx bugs, that cause FPS to nosedive and then stay down. My single 7950 runs the game (highish) at 5760x1080 50-60fps. Physx drops it to 16.
    clearly the hardware implementation isn't working properly.
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