Use these tests when testing OC stability...

This might save you guys some time when you are testing your OC'd cards for stability.

I've been doing research on the web for different GF4 Ti 4200 64mb cards and which is the best for OC/Stability/Price/Low Noise. I came across <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. They have very thorough reviews regarding graphic card overclockability.

Basically to save you ALOT of time...instead of running all the 3dMark2001SE tests over and over...

run these:

Dragothic(high):great test for GPU/Core stability
Lobby: great test for Memory stability

Check for artifacts(glitches) and if you see any, take the Core/Memory down a notch.

Check out this link:

<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>(middle of page)

Hope this helps.
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  1. yes this helps a ton thanks a mil !!!!!!!
  2. <b>VERY</b> USEFUL!!!!

    Thanks! :smile:

    You just made my GF4Ti4200-128MB much happier :smile:

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  3. I'm happy to help guys! I know how much of a whip it is to run 8 min test after 8 min test. Argh! And I came across this info and decided to post it. I'm glad to see it's helped at least a couple of people. :)
  4. Yep.

    This is an old tip, but still a very valid/good one.

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  5. I will use this tests together with Artifact Tester 5.

    Thanks for the info... much better the the whole test.

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  6. Good info. I would also run my system for a couple of days (once you've decided on a core/mem overclock) and then re-run the tests. Just to be sure.

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