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Hello, i just bought a custom build game pc. all of my games play fine at the highest settings without any sort of lag. but when i play Borderlands 2, my pc just starts lagging. i find this very strange because i have a great pc.
here are my specs:

Graphics card: asus AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB.
Cpu: AMd fx-8120 8-core black edition.

I would really appreciate if someone can tell me why my game is lagging.

btw. i have windows 7 64-bits and i have a 32-bits borderlands 2 version.
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  1. Well actually you've got a great graphics card but your CPU isn't that amazing.You need to overclock it a bit in order for the game to stop "laging"
    Your CPU is about as fast as the FX 8150 at 3GHZ so if you overclock it a bit you'll gain a lot of performance.And since your CPU's a black edition overclocking is extremely easy.
    Just increase the multiplier to 20 and it'll run at 4 GHZ.But before you do that make sure it's cooler is up to the task.That means that you need an aftermarket cooler first.
  2. Yeah, the 8150 needs serious overclocking to be viable.
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