MS XP Pro won't boot for OCing

Hi guys,
I unlocked my new XP 1800 awhile ago when I built it and just now decided to do some OCing. First I underclocked it to 1Mhz and tried booting up...No problems, MB posted and XP booted up fine. Then I tried the lowering the multiplier to ten and increasing the FSB to 166. The MB posted fine and XP started the boot process, however just before giving me a logon screen my system rebooted without loading XP. WTF! I tried various other multiplier, FSB, Vcore settings and still could not get XP to boot. It just keeps on restarting without loading XP. Here's my system specs:

AMD XP 1800 unlocked
Asus A7V333R Bios Ver. 8 (I think that the right BIOS)
768 MB true DDR333 Samsung memory
WD 80 GB w/8MB cache HD
Gainward Ge4 Ti4200w/128MB RAM
Thermalright AX-7 HS w/Vantec Tornado Fan

I think that MS XP may put a Max limit on the CPU speed in the Hardware config., but Im not sure.

Please Help guys. My system otherwise is very stable with no problems.

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  1. When you overclock what is your cpu:dram ratio 1:1? What about your agp/pci bus are those locked or are they getting overclocked as well? Just a thought!
  2. Yeah, you'll need a 5 divisor to do 166mhz. That 333 board should have it, but it could be a jumper, or "renamed" in the bios.

    Rather than actually calling the damn thing a "divisor", they give you a fsb switch that locks out your choices between 100-132, 133-165, 166-200.

    3,4,5. Same thing, just much more useful.

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  3. PSU

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  4. Could be that your components are running out of power. How much watt is you PSU?
    Also check if you're memory timings aren't extremely aggrasive.

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