MS XP Pro wont boot when OCing

Hi guys,
I unlocked my new XP 1800 awhile ago when I built it and just now decided to do some OCing. First I underclocked it to 1Mhz and tried booting up...No problems, MB posted and XP booted up fine. Then I tried the lowering the multiplier to ten and increasing the FSB to 166. The MB posted fine and XP started the boot process, however just before giving me a logon screen my system rebooted without loading XP. WTF! I tried various other multiplier, FSB, Vcore settings and still could not get XP to boot. It just keeps on restarting without loading XP. Here's my system specs:

AMD XP 1800 unlocked
Asus A7V333R Bios Ver. 8 (I think that the right BIOS)
768 MB true DDR333 Samsung memory
WD 80 GB w/8MB cache HD
Gainward Ge4 Ti4200w/128MB RAM
Thermalright AX-7 HS w/Vantec Tornado Fan

I think that MS XP may put a Max limit on the CPU speed in the Hardware config., but Im not sure.

Please Help guys. My system otherwise is very stable with no problems.

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  1. I don't know much about xp, but I don't think there is any sort of max processor speed or anything like that. It could be taht the video card or some other component doesn't function correctly when overclocked and causes xp to crash, if you have already installed all the drivers and everything, that could a problem, but thats just my guess. Honestly though, anything can happen when overclocking. For example, when i overclock my mouse turns on and off, wether i put it in the usb port or mouse port, it behaves weird, and also when my computer is overclocked it makes it so taht whenever i convert .avi's to .mpeg's they have purplish tints that fade in and out to them. It is very weird. I guess there are reasons why computer manufactures dont' overclock their computers.

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  2. I am not familiar with the motherboard, but make sure your pci bus is in spec. Im not sure what dividers you got on your board or if you can lock it. I would make sure you have it within spec.

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