Problem with borderlands 2


I've been having a consistent problem with borderlands 2 when ever I try to launch it. It freezes up and blue screens to errors then restarts.
My rigs is a

AMD bulldozer FX 4100
Gigabyte 990xA-UD3
8 giga ram
nvidia gtx 670
2 tera drive
Shinobi full tower
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  1. Hello,
    firstly can you write down the error code from the blue screen? (If it flashes too fast and you cannot get it, download bluescreenview program and use that to look up the crash dump)

    Blue screens typically point to driver or hardware problems...

    So, lets start with
    - have you updated all your drivers, especially GPU to latest?
    - have you ran memtest on your RAM?
    - what PSU do you have? (make and model, with link if possible)

    - Do other games run ok?
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