Suggestions for cooling GF4 Ti4200?

Any suggestions?
Is the Thermaltake Copper Cooling kit for the GF4 the current best cooler? And should I use the ramsinks included with the Thermaltake copper cooling kit or get different ramsinks? as the ones included with the Thermaltake copper cooling kit are actually aluminum...
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  1. What brand video card do you have? Is it the 64mb or 128mb version? Most of the good brands(Asus,MSI, Leadtek, Chaintech, Gainward)have good stock HSF's. You are almost gauranteed to OC at least Ti4400 speeds and in some cases Ti4600. I've heard of an MSI Ti4200 OC'd to 320/610 stable.

    But if you still want to add your own cooling device, I can't help much there. Sorry.
  2. Abit Ti4200 64MB.
    There's no ramsinks on the memory.
    MSI has the best overclocking performance?
  3. Is this the card? <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    If it is it's good news. From all the reviews I've read and which Ti 4200 has the best overclocks, the Retail MSI(pictured here...<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>)has the highest stable OC's I've seen.

    And as you can tell, there are no memory sinks.

    Although I'm sure mem sinks do help, they probably(unless you are trying some serious OC'ing)won't help all that much.

    I'm not too sure about the Abit cards, although I think they are pretty good. That HSF, if it's the one you have, looks pretty stout.

    I don't know if you've already tried OC'ing, but it wouldn't hurt to see how high your card will go.

    Check out this thread. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> (If you haven't already)
  4. Yup that's the card. Hmm MSI has the best and highest stable OC's eh? Eh I can bring back my Abit one and switch over to MSI if I want to and probably will do.

    Was the MSI card the 128MB version of the TI4200 or 64MB one?

    Yeah I know mem sinks won't make a real noticeable difference but I'm a cooling freak plus there won't be any noise from the mem sinks so why not..

    I've got it running at 300/601 for a couple of days but after feeling how hot the ram was on the video card I reset it back to default settings as I felt that it may not be such a good idea unless I have more than enough cooling. I just dun wanna ruin a new video card after a couple of days of oc'ing.
  5. That MSI pictured is of the 64mb version. If you are wanting to reach the highest clocks, stick with the 64mb(250/500) as it has a higher memory clock than the 128mb(250/444).

    Also, if you are looking into that MSI card, make sure its got the <b>CLEAR</b> HSF. sells two Retail version of the MSI Ti 4200 64mb.

    One w/Generic HSF : $135.00(<A HREF="" target="_new">Click here</A>)
    One w/Clear Brand HSF : $161.00(<A HREF="" target="_new">Click here</A>)

    Another choice would be the card I just purchased. It's the <A HREF="" target="_new">Retail Leadtek Ti4200 64mb</A>. I found it to have a really nice HSF(with ramsinks) and it was only $139.00 w/free shipping at It should be here in a couple of days. I hope!

    Where did you purchase your card? Are you sure you will be able to return it?
  6. Alright then I'll go with the MSI 64MB Ti4200.
    Well would you know if the Thermaltake Copper Cooling Kit for the Geforce4 Tixxxx series have any better cooling results than a stock Geforce4 Ti4200 cooler?

    I mean if it does I might as well as get the MSI Ti4200 64mb with the generic HSF and then just get the Thermaltake copper cooling kit for an additional $18 still being $8 dollars cheaper.

    Hmm I guess all the cards are basically the same cept the cooling solution built on it. The Leadtek card kind of reminds me of the Gainward Ti4200 one also.

    Maybe I'm better off finding the cheapest Ti4200 64MB card and then just purchasing the Thermaltake Copper cooling kit and replacing the HSF on the card?

    I got the card from a friend of mine who works at a small computer store here in British Columbia, Canada. I'm pretty sure he'll let me return it since I didn't touch anything cept the card itself and I'm switching it with another Ti4200 so there shouldn't be any problem.
  7. Pretty much any brand Ti4200 will more than suffice(sans Visiontek, PNY). If you really want to add your own cooling, then, like you said, it would probably be best to go with the cheapest Ti4200.

    Your best bet then would be Chaintech or Gainward. Both very good OC'able cards(especially Gainward)and you should be able to get those the cheapest(around $124.00-126.00 U.S).

    Good luck.

    Let me know which one you go with.
  8. Chaintech is especially good. i have a Ti4200-128MB from Chaintech, the Special Edition one, and it has ramsinks on both sides of the memory chips (yes, on the BACK as well), and a nice HSF.

  9. I think the new Albatron Ti4200P Turbo (<A HREF="" target="_new">available at</A>) will be the new overclocking king of the Ti4200 cards. The Ti4200P Turbo ship with 3.3 ns memory and one customer claims to have overclocked to 708 mhz. It's not cheap at $192 but it is fast!

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  10. Hmm who claims an overclocked card at 708mhz?? are you sure 708mhz not 608mhz? That seems to be like almost impossible as watercooling might even not be able to bring that high of an overclock!
  11. Here's my real question. Does a Thermaltake Copper Cooling kit for the Geforce4 Ti4xxx series beat all stock coolers on Geforce4's?
  12. Well I have been reading a couple of reviews and eventually one site favors one over the other or some ti4200 cards are not included in the review. So I guess they all even out some way but does the onboard RAM make a difference?
    Some are 3.3ns and others are at 4.0ns.
    Should I be getting a better overclock with 3.3ns onboard ram on that video card or 4.0ns ram can be overclocked just as good as 3.3ns RAM?

    I haven't decided yet as people are slowly posting their suggestions and so on so I guess I will wait...

    Though it makes me wonder... DirectX 9 will be out supposedly next year from Microsoft and if games are based on that will the ti4200 just go to waste?
  13. I didn't say it was true it's just one of the claims in the <A HREF="" target="_new">customer reviews of the Ti4200P Turbo at Newegg</A>. Brimstone claims an overclock of 305/708. Other customers claimed overclocks that include 310/690, 305/690, 305/690, 300/690.

    I didn't think 708 seemed plausible either but 690 mhz from 3.3 ns memory does sound reasonable. Memory of this speed should be good for 600 mhz (DDR) without overclocking so 690 sounds obtainable.

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  14. Bah. do what i did. Alot cheaper.

    1. Rip off stock heatsink.
    2. clean core
    3. Buy cheap socket 370 HSF of medium size.
    4. Use arctic siver epoxy resin to attach the sucker.
    5. Plug in card, plug in fan to molex connector and run!

    The only real downside is that it takes up a fair bit of room, at least 1 PCI slot if not more (mine takes up 2)
    but its nice and cool and quiet with its 50mm fan. Looks a tad ghetto, but works well. Ramsinks on the memory if you wish.

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  15. Whoops my mistake. Sorry. Right 3.3ns memory is reasonable to get upto 690mhz though it seems really risky but I don't have one of these cards so who knows. wonder if it's 100% stable at that speed........

    Is this the only card with BGA ram? or are there any others in the Ti4200 series?

    Well say you have much faster memory? How does that affect performaance?
  16. Quote:
    Whoops my mistake. Sorry. Right 3.3ns memory is reasonable to get upto 690mhz though it seems really risky but I don't have one of these cards so who knows. wonder if it's 100% stable at that speed........

    Is this the only card with BGA ram? or are there any others in the Ti4200 series?

    I don't know the answer to either of your question. I can say I have a Radon 8500 OEM with 3.3 ns memory (TSOP not BGA) and I can overclock it to 680 mhz stable. I don't have any RAMsinks but I do need to blow air directly on the video card. Without the fan I can only go to about 620 Mhz.

    Well say you have much faster memory? How does that affect performaance?

    I can't give you a definite answer, not with modern video cards.

    In the Geforce256 and Geforce2 days, I found that overclocking the memory, by say 10%, yielded a 10% gain in framerates. 25% yielded 25% and so on, provided your CPU was fast enough (and a Duron at 1000 mhz was fast enough these cards).

    With my Radeon 8500 I find that overclocking the memory yields big gains going from 550 Mhz (stock) to 600 Mhz but almost nothing after that. It seems that my Tbird at 1.5 Ghz with SDRAM memory is limiting me.

    I have no idea what gains you get from overclocking Ti4200 memory but I can tell you how you can find out. Ask someone that owns a Geforce4 Ti4600 to run some tests for you. Have him underclock the GPU to Ti4200 speeds (225 Mhz I think) and vary memory from Ti4200 speeds of say, 500 Mhz, up to 650 Mhz (or higher if it can go higher) and compare benchmarks. 50 Mhz increments ought to be adequate. This will tell you exactly (assuming the test system is similar to yours) how well a Ti4200 will perform if its memory is overclocked).

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  17. Haha smart idea! I don't want to epoxy it though! I want to stick with just Artic Silver 3 so in the future I can change to something more quiet if possible. For example the new Zalman ZM80-HP. No fan but a heatpipe vga heatsink. Maybe I should just wait a couple weeks or month or so and just get that. My goal is for quietest computer as possible with highest performance as possible.. But more picky about noise. That's why I'm thinking of not getting the Thermaltake Copper cooling kit anymore as they are a bit louder than all stock GF4 coolers, and plus the bottom of the cooler wasn't as smooth as it could've been.

    Anyways thanks for the idea!
  18. Thats just the thing!
    The heatsink is so large in comparison to the GPU that it would probably work with the fan switched off!
    And even with the fan ON, its only a very cheap slow and quiet low profile 50mm one, more than enough to keep the GPU cool, and barely audible.

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  19. Haha alright I'll think about that. Though once it's on it's on forever as I don't think there is any really easy way to undo epoxy...

    I can get any large heatsink and do that but hmmm.. I really like the Zalman heatpipe vga cooler now... It looks so luxurious and haha it has class to it.

    Same with their Northbridge chipset cooler ZM-NB32J. Also can perform better than many stock active northbridge chipset coolers...
  20. Cool.
    How tall is that GPU heat pipe cooler?
    The way graphics cards are going i believe the first PCI slot will have to be sacrificed to fit better cooling units. Ive seen two things to support this: One, i saw an exotic Ti4200 with a kickass cooler. The entire unit took up the agp slot and the first PCI slot. Two, one of the KT400 boards in toms recent review didnt have the first PCI slot present. Convenient.

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  21. Eh I don't own it but will look forward to getting one after I get my video card...
    Well here is the link for the two things I am really wanting right now..

    <A HREF=" user_action=detail&catalogno=zm80-hp" target="_new"> user_action=detail&catalogno=zm80-hp</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    The Northbridge Chipset Cooler is nothing special cept it is a lot taller thus more aluminum giving it that extra bit of cooling.

    Was the Ti4200 your talking bout the OTES model from Abit? Really thought that was cool and interesting cept the only problem was noise levels.. If there was some way of lowering the fan speed or reducing the noise without losing cooling performance then I would've gone with that video card in no time.
    Oh yes I believe it was the Abit AT7-MAX2. That was a very smart idea but I guess it doesn't really make a uness your using giant heatsinks wider that the video card itself. But still smart idea to me. Eh should bring down the costs too.. haha though it'd probably be only a couple or few dollars for a pci slot..

    Hmm would you rather get a video card now that only supports Directx 8 or wait a little longer for video cards with Directx 9 support?
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