Help! i cant play any games in full screen

Help! i cant play any games above the year 2010 oddly enough, i think it may be a problem with direct x. basically when i load a game i just get a black screen and then i get this like red and black thing fading down the left side of the monitor. i toyed with the idea of getting screenshot of it in bandicam. but the even more funnier thing is that i actually get the loading screen when i get the a screenshot so i had to take a picture with the iPod and here it is.

i dint think that was a good picture of it but that was the best i could do. basically it just goes red and then it fades into black. i really don't know what it is to and its pissing me off! i will put specs down here v.


Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Model p6-2260ea
Total amount of system memory 6.00 GB RAM
System type 64-bit operating system
Number of processor cores 2


Total size of hard disk(s) 931 GB
Disk partition (C: ) 761 GB Free (916 GB Total)
Disk partition (D: ) 2 GB Free (16 GB Total)
Media drive (E: ) CD/DVD
Media drive (G: ) CD/DVD


Display adapter type Intel(R) HD Graphics
Total available graphics memory 1696 MB
Dedicated graphics memory 64 MB
Dedicated system memory 0 MB
Shared system memory 1632 MB
Display adapter driver version
Primary monitor resolution 1920x1080
DirectX version DirectX 10
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  1. What games are you trying to play? What CPU do you have?
  2. Ive been trying to play Sims 3 tf2 all kinds of stuff also my CPU is Intel core i3 2120 at 3.30 ghz
  3. bump sorry
    ive also tried loads of driver updates antivirus check and ccleaner but nothing
  4. I'm not surprised that the screenshot came out fine.

    I'd say that it's likely the Intel gpu part of your current cpu. Do you have any monitoring software to check the temperature of the cpu? Out of the drivers you've updated, was one of them the gpu driver?

    Personally, I'd always go discrete gpu, but that's me. Especially if trying to run at 1080p.

    Have you tried reducing the resolution? Playing an even older less gpu intensive game? Ensuring that things like anti aliasing are turned off?

    Did the games ever work? If not, then it's probably too much for your cpu/gpu. Not exactly the highest performing part in the world (albeit it should be enough to run sims 3 at lower res).
  5. Tf2 used to work at top settings fine until one day i went to play it and it came up with this annoying thing. I have tried changing the res nothing happened. I captured some details about the temps on speedfan the first pic is normal pc usage with chrome open and word. They came up with normal temperatures as you would find.

    After that i captured speedfan while the sims 3 was running and that came up with normal temperatures too.

    Im puzzled because it always used to work with anti aliasing. also all my old rts games still work so i really don't know what is happening, by the way Sims 3 used to work mid settings with stable fps.
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