Simple combat flight sim for PC + Joystick

Does any one know of a simple combat flight sim for PC + Joystick, one like "Crimson skies" (CS) would suit me very well.

I don't like the ones with complicated scenarios or controls or others to control and direct.

CS was like a first person shooter in the sky, it was a great game.

I hope someone has details of such a game I would be very grateful.
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  1. How about Hawx 1 and 2, Blazing Angels and Dog fight
  2. Thanks heaps I will try these ASAP
  3. H.A.W.X 1 is a great game. co-op campaign and multiplayer team death matches.

    it is only $10 bucks for download on amazon. and then you can dowload through steam if you like.

    HAWX 2 is also around that price. But I have heard it is not as good as HAWX 1
  4. Thanks for that

    I purchased them both in one pack yesterday for $Aus12.00 from "EB Games" an Australian retailer, I like them because if you don't like a game you can if you return it within a week they give you a full refund.
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