Optimal Case & CPU Temp?

What temperature should my case and CPU average at? whatare some Optimal temps?
My mobo gives me readings about fan speed and cpu temp. Thank you.

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  1. For the CPU temp it really doesnt matter, So long as it doesnt crash under a heavy workload on a hot day.
    Below 60 C is nice, however there is alot of variation in methods of temp measurement, and many of the software programs ain't too reliable either.

    Case temps in my opinion should not be beyond 10 to 15C above whatever the room temp is.
    The idea behind this is that you dont want your hard drives getting excessivly hot, particularly during summer. As heat can possibly shorten drive life/ cauze data corruption.

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  2. give a cpu model and someone will be able to tell you what you should be getting
  3. P4 2.53

    My mobo monitor reads cpu 43'C and case 29'C

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  4. P4 2.0@2.4 : 36.5C
    Mobo: 27C

    Only running one of the two 120mm(side, in) fans and the Powersupply fans(1x80mm,1x90mm out, temp controlled), goes lower when running all the fans but no need for them. Like my box silent.

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  5. Quote:
    My mobo monitor reads cpu 43'C and case 29'C

    Looks like you'll be fine. :smile:

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