Water Cooling a DUAL Slot 1 CPU?

Please help.
I have two 600 mhz PIII cpu's (slot 1) sitting on a Tyan 1534D Mother board. The cpus are close together and need a cooling solution. I would like either chilled heatsinks (large) or a water cooled solution.. Can anyplease help me or direct me in the right direction?

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  1. Water cooling would be easy, you would just need a Y splitter and 2 waterblocks. If by chilled heatsink you mean refrigerated, I don't know of anyone that makes an activly cooled system that will fit on two processors.

    For waterblocks I would recommend <A HREF="http://www.dangerden.com" target="_new">http://www.dangerden.com</A>. You'll need a fairly hefty pump to supply 2 waterblocks, I wouldn't go with anything less than 350 GPH myself. And be prepared to spend over $200 and a couple of hours to set it up.

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