Swiftech MCX-462-U fit on Dragon Plus???

I was wondering if the Swiftech MCX-462-U fits in the Dragon Plus, because I want to buy it but dont know if it will be blocked by some capacitor or something on the motherboard.
I want to get this Heatsink because my ThermalTake Volcano 6cu+ is too noisy and also my temps are 43C for the case and 52C for the Athlon XP 1700+ CPU under full load. My temps used to be lower before I removed the generic white paste and put Arctic Silver III. Isnt ASIII supposed to be better? Maybe its because my heatsink has a bunch of dents where the CPU die contacts it.

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  1. It should fit, although a tight fit at that. My Soyo board barely fit with an Ax7, which is roughly the same size. Arctic Silver III is a good several degrees over generic thermal paste, it's noticeable if you record the temps.

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  2. I have a SOYO Dragon Plus with the Swiftech MCX 462 mounted on it, no problems at all, CPU temps are 39c under loads like video compiling. Ryan

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  3. if it dont fit you can always take a bench grinder to it :)

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