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Simple Page File Quesetion

I have an 8 GB i5-750 desktop with a mechanical hard drive. This week I'll be installing two SSDs (one for Windows, one for games) and I've been advised to put my page file on the mechanical drive. My question is this... with 8 GB do I really need a page file at all? I primarily game on my desktop and just glancing at the task manager during gaming shows that at most the games I play consume 1 GB of RAM each. I'm just not convinced my memory usage will EVER exceed 8 GB. Thoughts?
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  1. No meter what you do you can't disable page file in windows (even if you think you did). The question is, what size it will be, and ware to put it.
    In any case with 8gb of RAM, it is not really important, you will not see any performance benefits no meter what you do.
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    Always put a pagefile on a mech. drive, the constant read/write will over time reduce the life of a SSD.

    On the question of size, I always go with memory + 4GB, and then monitor pagefile usage via taskmanager to see exactly how much you use with the most demanding apps and reduce to suit.
  3. Putting a page file on an SSD is generally deprecated because they don't like frequent writes and this may shorten the life of the disk.

    You really should have a page file, if only to store memory dumps when the computer crashes. And, I believe, some programs actually look for a page file. I would just put a page file that windows manages the size of on your mechanical disk and forget about it. It's unlikely to use much space and it's not as if a few gigs of disk space cost much nowadays.
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