Cheap, Decent HSF for 1800+?

I currently have an AMD 1800+ non overclock and it idles at 44c. I would like to start overclocking, but with my Volcano5 heatsink, and the 44c idle, its not going to happen. So anyway, if anyone that can recommend and pretty decent heatsink/fan, please post. Ill only overclock about 100mhz. It also has to be cheap, I cant afford much right now. Any help would be great.

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  1. Hmmmm.

    Do you have a side panel case fan blowing right on the cpu?

    That's why I'd think about first. If you do the measurements yourself, any sheet metal shop will do the cut for you @ $5 a hole.

    Or you can just dremel/drill it. You can even shroud it with some cardboard and duct tape to drop another 1C, possibly two if you shroud your heatsink too.

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  2. yeah i would bet you could OC it only 100 Mhz without a new HSF, but if you want a pretty cheap one that's pretty good, i like the thermaltake volcano 7+ b/c if you don't want noise there's a speed controller, if you don't mind noise you can choose the medium or high settings. around $30 if you look at
  3. well 30 seems like kinda alot for my budget right saving for a new mobo and radeon 9000. right now with my volcano5 I get idle at 48c with the max overclock I can do at the moment. Since my pos mobo bios blocks the core fsb, I have to change it in windows. The max I can change it in there is to 140. Thats less than a 100mhz jump. If I go to 150, then my PCI frequency changed too much or something and its an instant crash. I want the new hsf for when i get a new mobo that actually is overclockable.

    BTW, im wondering.. Why are the case fans so small? My small table fan, which pushes a hell of alot more air, has about the same noise level as my current pc ones. Why cant they lower the rpm, but make bigger fins? I dont understand it...Anyway any sub $20 decent performing hsf anyone knows?
  4. I keep my side panel off. Some people say its worse blah blah etc, but my temp is lower with it off, due to me only have 1 case fan and 1 psu fan. I dont know about the dremel... My case temps seem really good now.. To prove that, even when I have a huge fan blowing cold air in, my CPU temp only changes 2 or 3 degrees. And thats with my small oc. My board temp does change quite a bit more, but in not really concerned with that.
  5. "Why are the case fans so small? My small table fan, which pushes a hell of alot more air, has about the same noise level as my current pc ones"

    There's a fair bit of difference between Alternating Current, and Direct Current.

    Edison and Tesla had a little spat over this. If it had been conducted with Tesla's method, they would have shipped Edison out in a body bag.

    So, to make a long story semi-short, AC can pull much more power per ampere than DC can.

    That's why those nappy little Radio Smack 120V 120mm case fans are so quiet. And that's why you can use a rheostat on them, without generating 1/10 the thermal radiation that a equivalent potentiometer will.

    God damn magnetic fields. Thats the problem with the world today...

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  6. ahh I see. I didnt think of ac vs dc at all. Anyway, why cant I just use an external power supply, not my PSU, to power my fans? Wouldnt that be better?
  7. Actually, the Volcano 5 isn't a terrible heatsink. It's only 2 degrees warmer than the Volcano 6Cu+ which has the advantage of a copper insert and a noisy Delta fan. For only 100 Mhz of overclocking you are probably fine with what you have.

    You can swap in a more powerful fan and it will cool better.

    I have a very similar heatsink, a <A HREF="" target="_new">Galaxy GC21</A>, which actually is the same exact heatsink but with a different, 6-tab clip. My Tbird 1.0 at 1.5 Ghz it idled at 43 degrees with peaks around 50 with the stock fan. I swapped in a Delta fan and lowered those numbers to 39 and 47. Got tired of the noise (a lot of noise) and replaced the fan with a <A HREF="" target="_new">Y.S.Tech TMD 70mm fan(5800 RPM model)</A>. Temps are back up to 43 and 49 but this fan is so much quieter (despite the noise numbers) than both previous fans.

    I had to do a slight mod to make make a 70 mm fan fit. Not really a mod, I just rotated the fan about 10 degrees clockwise and used two extra long screws, which wedge between fins on the heatsink, to hold it.

    By the way, don't plug a TMD fan into a motherboard fan header. I heard there is a 0.8 amp of inrush current which can burnout the header. My fan is powered directly from the power supply. Use a 4-pin to 3-pin (w/ RPM Sensor) fan wiring adapter

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  8. volcano 9-$20

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