Heat problems with 1333 Thunderbird

I am having major heat problems with my 1.33Ghz Thunderbird.

First, let me explain how I got it. I had an athlon 1100/100mhz FSB. With the retail fan, it actually reached 80 degrees Celsius. When that happened I heard a small frying sound and the system crashed. Now, my cpu wasn't even damaged but the cheapo thermal stuff had melted. So I proceeded to buy a larger, but still pretty cheap aluminum cooler. It ran about ten degrees cooler and that was great. I OC'd it to 1200mhz no problem.

Now I had problems with the mobo and the cpu and they were still under warranty so I got back an Athlon 1.33 with the 133mhz FSB. I also "upgraded" the fan to a thermaltake superorb. Now the cpu boots at 92C and actually heats up close to 100C. I experience frequent system crashes which is not really surprising.

I don't know if this is normal for a 1333 thunderbird, but I somehow doubt it. I have a Gigabyte board and I thought that maybe the thermal sensor was defective. If it's not than, why can the cpu can sustain 20C more than the 1100?

Now, what should I do? Buy a thermalright cooler, or return the cpu as defective, or maybe it's the superorb that's not working well.
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  1. This is definitely not normal, I am currently running a Thunderbird 1333mhz with a fairly standard HSF and no thermal paste/grease and i average 47C under load. It sounds like there is a problem with the way your HSF is fitted. I would remove it and re-fit it just in case. Do you have any extra cooling in the case? The Thunderbird is easily the hottest running processor around, especially when compared to any other processors running at the same speed. Extra case cooling is not so much strongly recommended, more like absolutely vital with this processor.
  2. Are you sure that's not a "F" instead of a "C" on your tempurature?

    I'm not really stupid...... I just play one on TV.
  3. if that is Celcius rather than farenheit you are WAY WAY WAY too hot, do you use your PC to cook your breakfast in the morning ???

    The best cooler for Athlons is the volcano 7+ if you can afford it & intend to stick with AMD processors it is a handy unit to have... that will be my next cooler when I get round to overclocking my current CPU or buy a new mobo/cpu unit

    no-one shouts louder than someone who is being ignored, or in the case of techies, to be heard over the noise of their PC's ;-)
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