Cod mw3 lagging seriously on 9800 GT..please help...!!

cod mw3 is lagging seriously on 9800 GT. How can this be possible.???
I dont need advices such as '' buy a new gpu''...
Because i know how poor the graphics of this game is and i used to run this game at maximum possible graphics on an ati hd 5450
please help me ... Because this game is bugging me so much....

Crysis 2 is running fine with a resolution of 1366*768 at hardcore with an average frame rate of 35..

Please help...!!!
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  1. I suppose you replaced the GPU from HD 5450 to 9800 GT? How did you reinstall drivers?
  2. ya..i did replace my gpu from an ati radeon hd 5450 to nvidia 9800 GT
    i downloaded latest drivers from the official nvidia site..namely the (306)version.
    well u have any fix for it..????
  3. Did you uninstall old amd drivers?
  4. yeah...of course...actually..i formatted my pc and installed windows 7 for playing battlefield 3..
    Even battlefield 3 is running fine on ultra at 1366*768 ..!!
    So any other fixes..??
  5. I'm reasonably sure you downgraded the GPU... MW3 also tends to be more memory bandwidth intensive, which has always been a strong suit of AMD/ATI cards compared to NVIDIA.
  6. ^
    No, he did not downgrade it. 9800 GT is at least FEW TIMES more powerful than HD 5450.

    @OP: Download MSI Afterburner ( and check GPU usage during lag in MW3.
  7. What.....?????
    U r doubting that i downgraded my gpu...!!!!!!!!!! lol...i expected a better answer bro...for your kind information , even a greetings card in the PCI slot would be more powerful than an ati hd
    and in my older gpu, i used to get a frame rate of 4-5 in battlefield 3 on 800*600 at lowest graphics....
    But now my 9800 GT is managing 35-45 at 1366*768 at ultra......see d difference man...!!!!!!!
    And an ati hd 5450 has a total watse of 2 gbs of vram on rarely uses more than 256 mb.......u can check at

    Can my problem be related to direct x...?????
  8. gamerk316 said:
    I'm reasonably sure you downgraded the GPU... MW3 also tends to be more memory bandwidth intensive, which has always been a strong suit of AMD/ATI cards compared to NVIDIA.

    do you have any idea about the difference in memory bandwidths of these 2 cards???????
    Hd 5450- 12.8 gb/sec
    9800 GT - 57.6 gb/sec
    i upgraded my gpu after a ton of i'm sure of what i'm talking....
    Now can u please provide a fix if u can...!!
  9. my gpu usage msi afterburner while playing remains at 40-45%...
    How can u all expect a game with such macabre graphics to be gpu intensive......???????
    The graphics of mw3 is total crap..and just a bit better than IGI

    so is my gpu usage fine or abnormal..????
  10. Can you check the CPU usage in task manager? There's your reason for lagging: for some reason your graphics card cannot use its full potential.
  11. the game is so laggy and sttutery that everytime i try to check my cpu usage, the game hangs and it shows an error message.....sigh...
  12. well......can it be a problem related to direct X??
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    go into the game settings and turn shader warming off. (its in the first options menu if i remember correctly) if its on. if its already off try turning it on... if you cant find it there it may be in the cfg file in the user saves.
    but off should work just some nvidia cards want it on for some reason...
    go into the gfx settings and set the textures or what ever its called to native...
    (1 of the boxes will display native as well as low medium and high.(i think its been a while since i played it sorry) either of these should fix your issue.
  14. thankyou......thnxxx very much...!!
    You duly came to my rescue..the shader warmer was in the config. file..and it was turned off
    i turned it on and bang.....!!!
    Max res. and max graphics...a stable frame rate of
    Sigh of relief..
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  16. np... thats what i do..
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