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Can anybody tell me where media player stores recorded tv...i cant seem to find it...cheers :)
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  1. Is not that stored in windows media center? In a folder titled "User"?? My Videos, etc?
  2. ...its now appeared after re-booting in recorded tv lol.... :o
  3. Windows Media Player stores music under your OS' hard drive (ex. OS\C: ) under the Users folder and in the Profile of the user who ripped the music. Or like this:

    OS\C:\Users\[Your User Name]\Music

    In XP, it stores in all users, documents, recorded TV. In Vista, it stores in a slightly different location. Use the search feature to find recorded TV. The location can be changed by going to MCE settings for recorded TV.

    I hope this helps!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team
  4. Thank you for your help...
    heres another for you lol

    new pc...used a hard drive to move over settings from old pc (vista) new pc doesnt think im the administrator sometimes...sometimes im denied being able to print web pages as printer needs to be "shared"...tried sharing but doesnt do i revert to original new pc settings with out loosing all my files data?

    thanks :)
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