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I've just got a Gigabyte GA7VAXP and Athlon 1800+ and 512MB DDR2700 cas2.5 for upgrading my PC for video editing. I'll end up with a 80GB UDMA1333 Maxtor drive and a 64MB Geforce 2 card in the machine too (I thought extra memory was better for video than a flash video card and faster processor). Has anybody OCed something similar? How far would I reasonably be expected to get just by altering the FSB? Are my options limited by the M/B or BIOS?
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  1. To overclock, you'd want to unlock that processor.

    Then slap a FSB of 166 in there, right off the bat. That gives you a nice performance jump off the top of everything.

    Your options are limited by the the mainboard BIOS. It can only do a divisor of 5. And your memory can only run at 200mhz if your FSB is 100 or 133. At 166, it goez syncronous. You can expect a FSB of at least 175mhz, so drop your multiplier down to match it, maybe adding on about 100mhz if you have side panel case fans blowing on it. If you're watercooling, you can go much higher.

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