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Hey there.
First of all, I'd like to throw out there that I've never used a mechanical keyboard. I've been looking at an upgrade for my microsoft comfort curve 2000, which has served me very well. I'd like, however, to get that bit of an edge up that comes from a mechanical keyboard's precision.

What I'm looking for is a cheap mechanical keyboard that's good for just about anything - typing, first person shooters, mmos... you get the of it.

Here's what I don't want:
- A razor product. Unless their build quality is amazing, I'd like to avoid them.
- A tenkeyless keyboard, unless you think it actually makes a big difference. (Also, I'll be able to map the numpad to keymappings still, right? If not, then a tenkeyless and a decent mechanical keypad that is mappable.)

What I do want:
- Switches. After some research, I was thinking about Cherry Browns. Is there anything significantly better for either typing or gaming?
- Reliability. I want a keyboard that's going to last me a while.
- Media buttons would be a HUGE plus.
- Is there any mechanical keyboard that works through the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard center? I've tried a lot of mice, and although I like the feel of Logitech, I use Microsoft mice due to the fact that the software is SO much better than SetPoint. [Using a comfort 6000 now, after my intellimouse explorer 3.0 finally died.]

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  1. DarkSable said:
    Hey there.

    What I do want:
    - Switches. After some research, I was thinking about Cherry Browns. Is there anything significantly better for either typing or gaming?


    For this in particular, it's all preference. Anyone who tries to sell you that Cherry Blues are the ultimate typing switch or that Cherry Reds are the ultimate gaming switch are just regurgitating the same marketing jargon that sold them their own keyboard.

    If after some research you think Browns are what you might want, then you should go that route imo.
  2. Okay. Are there any brands I should try to find?

    I know ducky and das are good, but I haven't been able to find one for under $140.

    I was thinking about a Leopold, are they of good construction?

    My other question is WASD keyboards. Are they well built, or is it all just around customization?
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    Yes Leopold are nicely constructed keyboards. I've heard WASD's are nice as well but I've never used one. In general most mechanicals are constructed solidly. The only real culprits of extremely poor quality control are the razer and steelseries products which are more hit and miss than most everything else.
  4. my first keyboard was an ione cherry blue mechanical keyboard. at first it was awesome. clickly and enjoyable to type and game on. However as time went on, the loud clicks were starting to become irriating so i decided to give them up. If you live with other people and plan on typing or gaming at night, you might want to avoid cherry blues.

    So i decided to get a zowie celeritas which are cherry brown. They have that tactile feel ( the bump) but arent as loud. Browns are my favorite thus far

    I avoided black and red switches because i dont like how they feel. They are both "linear" which mean they go straight up and down without the tactile feel (bump) with red being the easier to press out of the 2.

    I would say the best mechanical keyboard for the money is Filco. they are extremely well built, and you can actually feel the high quality compared to other keyboards. They run around $150 usd.

    Das also makes really good keyboards but they have a glossy surface. You get fingerprints on them easily. nontheless they are top notch keyboards. I believe you can also get a student discount if you purchase them directly from their website.

    Rosewills are also good mechanical keyboards that will run you around $100 USD. they used to be rebranded Filcos but people are starting the question that because the quality seemed to have suffered as of late.

    im not sure why you dont like razer but they make good keyboards. Razer blackwidow ulitmate is a nice cherry blue keyboard. However razer blackwidow ulimate STEALTH which are brown keys have been known to have the left shift or ctrl button get stuck.

    personally, i would save a little extra and get a Filco, then das. you can tell the difference in quality
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