ME3, I get mostly 60fps, but I get small slowdowns, can I fix this?

Hi, Mike2012 here. Got Mass Effect 3 and it runs great for the most part. Here's my setup BTW:

OS – Windows 7
CPU – Intel Pentium Dual Core E6700 @ 3.2ghz
RAM – 4GB ram
Disc Drive – Not sure.
Hard Drive – 8 GB of free space
Video – HD 7750(880 GHZ Edition)
Sound – DirectX 9.0c compatible
DirectX – DirectX 11

On this set up playing the game at 1600x900 with Anti-aliasing, I get 60fps for the most part.

But sometimes I'll get slowdowns in this game.

For instance, during a mission sometimes I'll be running forward and the framerate will drop into the low 50's for a second, then go back to 60.

Also sometimes when I look around, the fps will drop for a couple seconds too.

I also notice some slowdown when in the Citadel, where the game will drop to an average 40fps. This happens at 1280x720 as well. Anti-aliasing and dynamic lights are enabled.

I first thought maybe it's my GPU, but when I check my GPU memory Mass Effect 3 is only using about 152MB of video memory and 60% of the GPU. My GPU has 1GB GDDR5 Memory BTW.

This is with Avast running on silent/gaming mode. This is also after using GBoost and GameBooster to close unnecessary programs.

These are the recommended specs for this game BTW:
Recommended Spec:

OS – Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1, Win 7
CPU – 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (equivalent AMD CPU)
RAM – 2GB for XP / 4GB RAM for Vista/Win 7
Disc Drive – 1x speed
Hard Drive – 15 GB of free space
Video – AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB or greater, NVidia GeForce 9800 GT 512 MB or greater
Sound – DirectX 9.0c compatible

So can I do anything about this lag or am I screwed?
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  1. CPU is very underpowered by todays standards; upgrading to a core 2 quad would help a bit...
  2. gamerk316 said:
    CPU is very underpowered by todays standards; upgrading to a core 2 quad would help a bit...

    But still it only recommends a core 2 duo, which is a little bit stronger, but shouldn't be that much different.

    Plus it recommends an HD 4850 which is actually weaker than the HD 7750.

    I'm thinking it might have to do with Origin, as I see Origin's cpu usage spiking from 0% to 30% even when I'm not playing Mass Effect 3.
  3. That doesn't remove the fact a Core 2 Duo is VERY weak by todays standards. Its unlikely it is capable of driving the GPU to full potential.
  4. But that's not the point though The point is that they recommend a Core 2 Duo.

    The game mostly runs 60fps but will have random slowdowns for a couple seconds. Perhaps it's a programming error or a problem with Origin.
  5. No, the problem is you have a very weak CPU. Period.
  6. gamerk316 said:
    No, the problem is you have a very weak CPU. Period.

    Then that's Bioware's fault then for listing incorrect specs.

    Whatever the lag is, I'm pretty sure it has to do with CPU rendered shadows.

    I can get the game running at a constant 60fps at 720p even during intense cutscenes, but at 1600x900 I get 40-50fps in the same scenes. So perhaps you're right that it's a CPU issue.

    Still, I've heard people with much better CPU's getting this problem.

    If I'm correct ME2 uses more CPU and I get less lag in that at the same resolution.

    But I guess I just won't be able to play the game at a constant 60fps at my native monitor resolution, without random lag.

    I've even researched it and the Pentium Dual Core is not that drastically different from the Core 2 Duo.

    Anyways though, I might try overclocking it so I get better FPS in some areas.
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