Wow!!! Volcano 7+ rocks!!!

Well...I finally finished modifying a Volcano 7+ to fit on my Soyo Dragon MOBO. I must say the results were well worth it. I had been running the stock cooler supplied by AMD for my 1.4 Tbird. This, I believe, is the hottest cpu known to man. I applied Arctic silver 3 to the die before I put on the cooler and voila'. At 100% CPU load I saw a drop of OVER 19 DEGREES C!!! I had been running at 56 and now I'm at a balmy 37. That is so sweet!!! Now I have some headroom to crank up the multiplier. Of course, I have the fan on the high speed setting. It is much louder than the stock fan. However, the medium speed produces the same noise level as the stock and still lowers the temp to 41 degrees at 100% load. THe low speed sounds about as load as your average churchmouse and still outperforms the stock cooler by cooling the cpu down to 46 degrees. This is a good solid produc for the money. The only complaint I have is that the clip is inadequate for how heavy it is.

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  1. It should work good I can hear it from here lol. My brother has that HSF and really likes it as well. BTW I can hear his from here to lmfao.

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  2. And the clip is a bitch and 1/2 to get on/off without the exact, proper tool.

    They should have had a tensioner with a screw, or the bolt down to the mainboard option.

    You know, you can buy a bolt yourself. They sell them on the net, and they usually run about $10. The really "high-quality" ones go for $15.

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  3. i just bought valcano 7+ n arctic silver 3..but i didnt see any performance yet.. the temp just managed to drop 7 celcius... i just applied arctic silver 3...shud i wait for several days just like what is stated at the arctic silver website to see a big drop in temp???

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  4. They are making them with a 3 lug clip now. Still a little tough to handle but not to bad. The neew clip is much sturdier. I have three Volcano 7+'s. Im real happy with them also. Take care.

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  5. i dunno what your temp was at before but 7* celcius is a lot, it's a *huge* number for idle, and for load it's still very good
  6. Yep. Bigass heatsinks surely do make a difference compared to the stock cooler.
    When i went from a stock-like fop32-1 to a monster MCX-462 temps dropped over 10C.

    But bear in mind that means little unless it was crashing before or you desired less noise or overclocking ability.

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  7. it depends on the cooling already in your system, do you have secondary exhaust fans in your tower, what CPU are you running & just how accurate is the temp reading off the mobo sensor, accuracy for this can be off by quite a bit...

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