Ok, first let me say, sorry if this is the wrong thread. And now for the question! My monitor is 1600x900 which is Standard Definition(SD). However, FRAPS also picks that up. How can I get FRAPS to record in High Definition(HD) without making my screen or game look blown up, giant, and fat? Please help! Thanks!
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    First off, anything 720p or above is HD, so 1600x900 is as well.

    With ny capture program you want to record at or smaller than the resolution you play at, and even if they could render in a larger res, it would just destroy image quality. You have to start with enough pixels to fill the size of capture you're rendering, or things get really blurry.

    So, if you want to have the rendered file show up as 1080p, you have to play at 1080p or more. Recording in 1080p is quite overrated though. The reason being YouTube made viewing videos so convenient that no one wants to take the time to download videos anymore.

    It wouldn't be so bad if YouTube's viewer buffered 1080p video streams quickly, but it doesn't, which is why most don't use the 1080p option to watch YouTube videos even when it's available.

    If you want to use YouTube, the best you can do with your current monitor is play at 1280x720 and set Fraps to record full frame. With DxTory however, you can play in one res, and capture in another. For instance you could play in 1600x900 and have it output the file as 1280x720, which is by far the most uploaded and watched HD size on YouTube.

    DxTory is far superior to Fraps and only costs about $5 more.
  2. ^

    What are you talking about? It renders 1080p videos faster than you can watch them.
  3. yeah I also would like to know this 1080p youtube claim. as far as I can tell it only depends on your connection speed as to how fast it buffers a video
  4. That's true. But internet speeds in some parts of the world are still very primitive - people would only have a 256kbps or 512 kbps connection in their homes.
  5. yes, but in his post Frag Maniac is making it out as if youtube player is at fault for this
  6. Fraps will record your movies at the resolution you´re playing at -- there is nothing you can do about. The option Fraps gives you is to choose from a range of video capture settings, for instance, 60 fps, 50 fps, etc, with the option to make it full or half-size.

    None of the Fraps settings will make your screen screen or game look blown up, giant, and fat.

    One thing that you can do to have videos at 720p is during the edition/rendering process, if your editing program allows it.
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  8. AntiZig said:
    yes, but in his post Frag Maniac is making it out as if youtube player is at fault for this

    Let me put it another way so you're clear what I'm talking about.

    I live on the west coast USA, where ISP prices are much higher than the other side of the country or Europe, Asia, etc. At 7MB ISP speed most 1080p vids were a waste of time due to the constant wait for buffer or buffer interruptions. Even with my current 12MB ISP speed, this is often the case.

    I've also read that YouTube devotes more bandwidth to high traffic channels. I've not been able to confirm this, but since YouTube likes to reward high traffic channels, it wouldn't surprise me. If this is true the average person needs either a LOT of viewers, or viewers that have fast connections, for their personal channel to be viewed in 1080p without hiccups and slow buffers.
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