Anyone out there OC a SOYO Dragon?

I've got a Soyo Dragon MOBO. It is the old model with the Via KT 266 chipset in it. On it, I've got a Tbird 1.4. I've tried OC'ing the thing, but I can't get a very good overclock out of it. I switched to an aftermarket CPU cooler and brought the temps down to fairly cool (about 42 C). I've got PC 2400 ram from Corsair (XMS type), and a 400 watt PS (unknown brand). I've been trying to push the fsb up to 150 Mhz. Everytime I get to about 146 Mhz windows starts crashing. The temps are all pretty low. I've got great case temps all <30 C. The CPU temp is about 46 C at full load. I used to run that processor at about 61 C with stability just for your reference. There are no voltage adjustments in the bios for the memory, and Ihave the CPU voltage at 1.9 V (+.1 above normal). What is my problem? I've tried to even lower the fsb and just increase the multiplier but I can't seem to break about 1630 Mhz any way I do it. I've checked the stepping on my processor and heard of people OC'ing it to around 1800. I would like to get to 1700. Any ideas?

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  1. Hmm, i've got the model two steps up from it, the Dragon Ultra (kt333). The big thing that kills the kt266 and kt266a versions is the complete lack of the 1/5 PCI divider (I know this because the kt333 version has it with a bios flash). There's a couple other things that could be holding you back though

    1-your temps are a little high, 61c stable at load is good, but probably doesn't fare too well the second you overclock it. 46 celsius is pretty high under load, not terrible, but it could be one thing holding you back

    2-are you using the default multiplier? You're pretty high if you are, that means you're at 1533Mhz, awfully high for a Thunderbird (which creates a lot of heat). Most Thunderbirds I know that overclock well (the AXIA and AHJYA steppings) do a variety of overclocks, but it's more dependant on your heat. These things aren't Palominos, and heat up VERY fast.

    3-Could be your PSU. Generic models crap out pretty quickly, and you might have to buy a higher model like an Antec or Enermax

    Soon enough, Intel will make the i845s...imagine dual channel Sdram...*shudder*
  2. I'm actually at a higher multiplier. Right now I run perfectly stable at 1587 Mhz. I think that puts me at 11x (haven't checked in awhile). I don't know about the lack of a pci divider messing up my overclocks. That would explain me not being able to raise my fsb above 146, but what about when I lower the fsb and increase the multiplier? Maybe the MOBO or PS just can't do it. Either way it looks like I'm stuck at 1590. I guess that's not bad for a Tbird. They were never terrific OC'ers. It's just a shame that I can't squeeze out the performance from my memory that I paid for.

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  3. Well, there's a lot of problems there for you. Hmm, if you are on the 1/4 PCI divider (which i'm guessing you are on that motherboard), you're running your PCI bus at 36.5Mhz, or 37Mhz rounded, which arguably could screw up some of your PCI devices or your hard drive. Lowering the FSB back to 133Mhz and upping the multiplier would work too, that depends then on what your clock generator can handle (I think up to around 15x). Might be your PSU though, bad models crap out easily. Not bad for a thunderbird though.

    Soon enough, Intel will make the i845s...imagine dual channel Sdram...*shudder*
  4. My clock multiplier would let me go all the way up to 14x. I bet that its my power supply. I checked the voltages and bothe the 12v and 3.3v buses were sagging by about .2 volts. If I'm not mistaken the 3.3 volt is the supply for the memory? It's supposed to be a 400 watt power supply. I'm not going to invest any money into this system to get a better one. I'd rather Put my cash into a totally new system later. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Is there a synonym for thesaurus?
  5. i have a kt400 ultra, but i am worried it isn't too good for overclocking at least the athlon xp's--mine's a 2400+ and the vcore setting will only go as high as 1.85 volts, and i ve read stuff that says you have to go to like 2.0 volts to get like 300-400 mhz more out of it! with 1.85 ill probably be lucky if i can get 2200 mhz--the default vcore is 1.64 v!
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