Help Find this Game!

It is a Space type game.. I used to play it 5-7 years ago i cant remember exactly. But the point of the game is to defend off the blue water kind of stuff.. you have a main base and can expand out from there..
You are supposed to fight off the water to get to these 3 or so stars to power up your ship.
I think the name was like Color attack? but i dont know i could be completely wrong.

It is a 2d game if i remember right and it kind of looks like this, But on land and not space

Thanks in Advance!
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  1. I have found it.. after searching for a bit..
    Its called: Creeper World..
  2. I created account just to say thank you very much!
    I am searching for weeks for this game. I use to play it also few years ago.
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