Best mechanical keyboard for gaming?

Now I don't really have a budget, but I would just prefer not to spend a *** load if you know what I mean..
The key features I need are
All keys mechanical , hopefully some programmable keys, back lighting.
Thanks :bounce:
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  1. I recommend the Razer Anansi. It's around $100, has backlighting, programmable keys, 5 additional macro keys, and quick recording keys.
  2. siviline said:
    I recommend the Razer Anansi. It's around $100, has backlighting, programmable keys, 5 additional macro keys, and quick recording keys.

    Its not mechanical..
  3. I've just bought my girlfriend a gaming mechanical keyboard for her birthday next week (on her request) as she has broken the space bar on her Razer Lycosa. The one she chose is the Corsair Vengeance K90 Performance MMO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and having seen it in the flash (so to speak) when visiting Scan I can confirm it is a solid, well-built piece of kit. Unlike the Razer!

    I have used Razer produces myself including the Razer Mamba mouse (which now sits on the shelf in its display case) and have to say I was surprised by the cheapness of the components used in the Lycosa. Having taken it apart to try to fix it I can only say that you are paying for the name as the internal components are VERY cheap.
  4. What does your girlfriend play that she broke the space bar? o.0

    I'll agree with the man though, corsair keyboards gained much traction lately. If you are not fond of the style, however, I'd say take a look at steel series and cooler master mechanical keyboards.
  5. Not what your thinking.... unfortunately ;)

    Mainly Skyrim at mo but she's also an IT tutor so uses it a lot for lesson prepping when not running around hitting things with an ebony two handed sword :)
  6. First of all, Corsair K90 does not have ALL keys mechanical (programable and media are rubber domes), and its an RTS keyboard.

    That beeing said, its the one i aim to buy as soon as i can. There is no comparison from the corsair k90 and other keyboards (especially if you want back light.

    Stelseries 6gv2 is a cheaper optin if you can forgo the macros en leds.

    I do have to warn you, K90 keys have a crappy paint coat, so you might want to get a few keys for replacements.

    And answering ANtiZig's question: You never had a girlfriend mad at you? Well, now think that you are a keyboard that she is mad at... the keyboard was lucky that only the space bar got destroyed.
  7. LoL @ Cats_Paw

    Gotta say I was really un impressed by the Lycosa, the rubber membrane used is the thinnest I've ever seen in a non-mechanical keyboard and the circuit board was basically printed onto a sheet of cardboard. The wire bar under the spacebar to cause it to move uniformly was held in place by a loop in the plastic into which was hooked the wire bar at each end and this was less than a 1mm in thickness. As this is sold as a ‘gaming keyboard’ and at a premium price, I expected better.

    I’m now thinking of replacing my Logitech G110 with the K90 but I’ll wait to see how it copes with the hammering the girlfriend will give it.
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