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Run in bios??

I have a quick question.
If I have Windows 7 on a floppy/USB/CD could I use it on a new computer build that does not have an OS already??
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    you mean install it on a new hard drive? sure. just set the dvd / usb drive to be higher priority in the boot sequence and away you go.
  2. ok thanks for my noob question being answered. saved me some wasted money on Vista.
  3. The thing is V7 is beta and around August you will need to spend the $ anyways.
  4. yes I did find that out once I did some research, but its still better than buying Vista now and Windows 7 in a couple of months
  5. I'm not sure if you can install it on a flash drive...
  6. I'm not going to. I am going to put it on a CD. actually I think my mobo does have a feature that I can do that.
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