Win98SE problem and RAID

I have a problem with the KT7-RAID Motherboard. Actually it's windows 98SE

Here is my setup that i have now.

AMD Duron 700
Sound blaster live x-gamer 5.1
ati aiw radeon
10/100 NIC
creative pc-dvd
plextor 12x10x32A
72trueX cd-rom

i think thats all that matters.

now i have the 72x(slave) and the plextor(master) drives on the first controller on the master chain. I have the dvd(master) on the first controller on the slave chain. I have the hard drive(master) on the raid controller.

The BIOS reads all cd-roms on boot up. The raid bios reads the hard drive just fine. I boot off the ata100 raid controller just fine. windows 98SE boots up just fine. No blue screens or conflicts. Here is my problem. Under my computer it shows the hard drive and then the dvd and thats it! it will not show my other two drives: the writer and the 72x. Under the device manager it lists all 3 drives. pc-dvd, the writer and the kenwood 72x drive. How come under my computer the two drives are gone?

can someone give me some ideas! I'm completely stumped! this is way too weird!


email me at

Thank you!
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  1. Well I don't know why but you really wasted your money buy having that 72x drive. You have a DVD drive. DVD drives can read CD's just fine and games only usually require 4x CD-ROM speed which all CD-RW and DVD drives cover.
  2. that doesn't help me any at all! and btw i can copy cd's at 12x with my 72x cd-rom i'd like to see you do that with your
    dvd-rom. you can't, the max is 8x. Thats why i keep my really fast 72x cd-rom.

    Now can i have some real help instead of some bullshit please! thank you!
  3. ok i took out the dvd completely. I switched the IDE cables and controller slots. I also noticed on the 72x that the jumper was misplaced. fixed that. Now in the BIOS i changed IRQ's and i made it so the BIOS doesn't auto detect.

    Windows cannot find the 2 cd-roms!? in the device manage and the registry it sees it but windows (my computer, explorer) cannot! Does anyone have a freakin clue why? this is [-peep-] up!

    windows seems to find the dvd just fine.
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